These are Premax Ring Lock 3 3/4" Scissors.
Single-edge, stainless, super-sharp blade for fast, easy ripping that protects the canvas.
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ProSeries Thimble

Artisan made aficot and laying tool made of genuine black and white ebony. Shaped freehand and poli
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Aficot - Gabon Ebony

Artisan made aficot using fine black Gabon Ebony. Abalone accent. Approximately 4 inches. Unique
We love this intuitive design with a larger finger press area and wider grip surface for precision t
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Aficot - Kingwood

Artisan made aficot. Beautiful and rare Kingwood, a true rosewood species. Some of these will have s
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Aficot - Snake Wood

Handcrafted aficot made of super rare and exotic Snakewood. Simply put, snakewood is the finest mate
Gorgeous aficot made of Brown Mallee Burl from Australia.
Hand carved freehand Aficot made of real Arizona desert ironwood. Ultra smooth finish for the most d
Handcrafted aficot made from beautiful Mexican ironwood burl. Polished to a glass-like finish. Appro
Handy little tool with a brush at each end. Great for getting rid of little fibers on your canvas.
Perfectly manufactured for metal thread embroidery. Non-Abrasive. Used as a stiletto to widen a ho
Great laying tool for ribbons. It is not tapered. Allows the ribbons to smooth out flat vs taper
Each laying tool is unique. This picture is just a sample. Let use know your preferred color and s
A nap riser is a detailer tool for needlework or knitting/crocheting
Tool slips around a few fi
Each laying tool is unique. Let us know your preferred color and we will send you the closest one w



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