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Gilt Pearl Purl Very Fine

Gilt Pearl Purl Very - 1 YD

Gilt Bright Bullion #1

Gilt Bright Bullion #1 -1 YD

Gilt Rough Purl #5 1 Yard

Gilt Rough Purl #5 - 1 YD Rough Purl has a smooth surface and is matte in appearance.

Gilt Faconnee #6

Gilt Faconnee #6 - 1 Yd

Gilt Lizardine #1

Gilt Lizardine #1 - 1Yd

Gilt Pearl Purl #2

Gilt Pearl Purl #2 -1 Yd

Gilt Grecian Twist Fine

Gilt Grecian Twist Fine - 1YD

Gilt Grecian Twist Med

Gilt Grecian Twist Med - 1 Yd

Gilt Pearl Purl #3 1 Yards

1 Yard of Gilt Pearl Purl. Pearl Purl is a wire that is wound into a tight coil that looks like a strand of of small pearls.
Pearl Purl can be stretched slightly before it is used which enables the couching down thread to slip down between the twist of

Gilt Pearl Purl #4

1 Yd. Gilt Pearl Purl

Russia Braid Silver Leaf

Russia Braid Silver Leaf - 1 Yd



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