Gold Work Supplies


Copper Hand Sew Thread

300 Meters per spool


Tube contains Approx: 1 meter

Bright Check Sadi

Fine Tube Contains: 3 Meters
Broad Tube Contains: 1.5 Meters

Smooth Purl Sadi Thread

Broad Tube Contains: 1.5 meters.
Fine Tube Contains: 3.5 meters.
Choose between Gold or Silver to put the finishing touch to your work.

Gold/Silver/Copper Wire

Copper Wire, 15 Meters

Gilt Wire Check #5

Gilt Wire Check #5, 1/2 Yd

Gilt Wire Check #10

Gilt Wire Check #5, 17 Inches


No. 6 Wire Check Purl: Approximately 1.5 mm across the width of the thread.
Wire Check Purls are made up of a very fine wire thread that is wound into a soft flexible hollow tube a with aaggered and dull (matte) surface.

Check Thread #7 Non Tarnish

Check Thread #7 Non Tarnish, 10 Meters, Made in England

Gold Tambour No.7

Gold Tambour No.7, 30M

Smooth Passing #5

Smooth Passing Thread #5, 14 Meters

Gilt Wire Bullion #1

Gilt Wire Bullion #1 - 1 Yd

Gilt Rococo Fine

Gilt Rococo - Fine - 1 YD

Gilt Rococo Medium 1 yard

Gilt Rococo Medium - 1 YD

Gold Millary 1 yard

1 Yard of Gilt Milary Wire. Milliary wire is a two part thread, consisting of a central core wire, with a coiled wire around it. The Milliary wire is couched down in a thread of the same colour so that the stitches are not visible. Milliary wire is most

Gilt Smooth Purl #7

Gilt Smooth Purl #7 - 1 YD

Gilt Rough Purl #7 1 Yard

Gilt Rough Purl #7 - 1YD Rough Purl has a smooth surface and is matte in appearance.

Gilt Smooth Purl #6

Gilt Smooth Purl #6 - 1YD

Gilt Smooth Purl #5

Gilt Smooth Purl #5 - 1 YD



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