Gold Work Supplies


Gilt Pearl Purl Very - 1 YD
Gilt Bright Bullion #1 -1 YD
Gilt Rough Purl #5 - 1 YD Rough Purl has a smooth surface and is matte in appearance.
Gilt Faconnee #6 - 1 Yd
Gilt Lizardine #1 - 1Yd
Gilt Pearl Purl #2 -1 Yd
Gilt Grecian Twist Fine - 1YD
Gilt Grecian Twist Med - 1 Yd
1 Yard of Gilt Pearl Purl. Pearl Purl is a wire that is wound into a tight coil that looks like a s
1 Yd. Gilt Pearl Purl
Russia Braid Silver Leaf - 1 Yd



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